Grandmother Claims $50m Powerball Prize A Week Late

A Queensland grandmother is off to buy a Mustang after she learnt she had been holding the unclaimed $50m Powerball prize-winning ticket for the last week.

The Ipswich woman has finally come forward as the third winner of the record-breaking $150 million jackpot, one week after the draw.

The three Aussies won their share last Thursday, with a Sydney dad and a Brisbane man announced as two of the winners.

But the third winner had not come forward to claim their prize -- until now.

The delay caused a frenzy in South-East Queensland with Powerball ticket holders rushing to check if they had the golden one.

The grandmother never thought she could have the winning ticket. Image: Getty

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted The Lott's 'Golden Casket' on Friday morning to learn she was the $50m winner they were seeking.

"I can't believe it," she said.

"I was shaking. I was completely overwhelmed and still am!"

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The grandmother said she had heard lottery officials had narrowed their search to her city, but thought there was no way it could be her.

“I kept putting off checking my ticket because I was waiting to hear that someone else had claimed the prize,” she said.

When no update came, she decided to check her own ticket.

"I always buy a ticket into the big jackpot draws but just like everyone else, you never actually think it’s going to be you!”

The woman bought her ticket from a newsXpress shop in the suburb of Brassall where owner Devinder Bassie has spent the past week frantically checking tickets.

“We are absolutely delighted and relieved to know this woman has claimed her prize!" he said.

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As to how she'll be spending her prize money, the woman said she'll start by making her siblings, children and grandchildren millionaires.

Then, she'll tick off a few bucket list items of her own.

“I’ve always dreamt if one day I won Powerball, I’d buy myself a Mustang! So I’ll definitely be doing that!" she said.