Horror As Toddler's Toe Partially Severed At Daycare

WARNING: Graphic content. A Queensland mum claims her son's daycare failed to act when his toe was almost severed in a door.

Taylor Weeks has issued a warning to other parents to "do your research" after she claimed her son's daycare centre failed to properly act when his toe was severely injured.

Weeks said she received a call from the Community Kids Early Education Centre in Jimboomba last Monday to say her son Harry was bleeding and needed medical attention.

The centre cares for children from infancy up to five years of age.

"I get calls all the time because my kids are quite accident-prone," she told 10 daily, referring to both two-year-old Harry and his 18-month-old brother.

Queensland mum of two Taylor Weeks. Image: Facebook.

"They told me Harry was really upset, there's a lot of blood, and it looks like the toenail has been lifted up. I didn't think it was serious."

As Weeks was at work, her sister went to pick Harry up.

"She called me immediately saying, Taylor, he's in and out of consciousness, he's awake but asleep, he won't stop shaking and screaming," Weeks told 10 daily.

Staff used baby wipes to stop the bleeding, Weeks claimed. Image: Taylor Weeks/ Facebook.

She claimed the daycare's staff had used baby wipes to try and stop the bleeding.

When Weeks took the wipes off to assess the damage she "just burst into tears".

Harry was transported by ambulance to Queensland Children's Hospital, where he was immediately admitted.

Weeks said a nurse informed her that Harry's toe was "50 percent detached".

She waited overnight with him for surgery. Harry received a nail reconstruction, skin repair, cleaning, and required stitches to close the wound.

Weeks claimed her son was "traumatised" by the incident.

The family won't know how bad his injuries are until they see a doctor next week.

Harry Weeks underwent surgery for his injuries. Image: Taylor Weeks/ Facebook.

Now Weeks is pursuing a public liability claim against the daycare and is warning other parents to be vigilant about who they get to mind their kids.

"Accidents happen, I get that, it's a risk I take sending my children to daycare so I can go to work," Weeks told 10 daily.

"But the next step they should have taken is to be more understanding of the severity of it. They should have called an ambulance.

"I guess in that case I do feel like they neglected my son."

Harry's toe was classed as being "50 percent severed", Weeks said. Image: Taylor Weeks/ Facebook.

In a statement, childcare and education operator G8 Education defended the daycare staff, saying the educator on duty took immediate action to apply first aid.

"Our sympathy and thoughts are with the family and their little boy following this unfortunate accident," a spokesperson told 10 daily.

"The parent was contacted immediately, and the child was collected within 20 minutes of the accident occurring.

"Our team reacted swiftly when the accident occurred with the primary objective being to care for the child.

"The safety of our children is always our most important priority."

Harry recovering in hospital. Image: Taylor Weeks / Facebook.

The spokesperson added the centre has "been in contact with the family to since offer our full support".

Community Kids was also contacted for comment.

A Facebook post Weeks wrote about the incident has been shared almost 6,000 times, with almost 8,000 people commenting.

"I never expected it to blow up like that," she said.

G8 Education said the incident has been reported to the relevant regulatory authority, who are investigating.

The Queensland Department of Education and Training has been contacted for comment.

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