Driver Fined For Letting Dogs Sit On Her Lap While Driving

There are some situations when man's best friend needs to take a backseat -- like in the car.

A Queensland woman learned that the hard way this week, after an officer spotted her driving down the motorway with two dogs on her lap.

Dashcam footage of the incident captures one of the dogs gleefully standing on mum's lap with its head hanging out of the window.

"The officer observed one dog visibly hanging out the window from the woman’s lap and the other walking around the car and dash at will," Queensland Police said in a statement.

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After pulling the 35-year-old Mudgeeraba woman over at a petrol station, the officer took a moment to say hello to the pooches before issuing their owner an infringement for driving with a person or animal in her lap while driving.

The offence carries a $311 fine.

"Officers would like to remind all motorists that travelling with an unrestrained animal can incur a fine," the statement said.

Feature Image: Queensland Police Force