Dog Whose Owner Died In Crash Too Scared To Leave Bush Hiding Spot

A Queensland community is trying to coax a traumatised dog from bushland a week after she was in a traffic crash that killed her owner.

She's timid, sore, confused and a Queensland community has spent the week trying to coax her from bushland.

It's been pretty tough going so far because Merlin the kelpie-cross is a one person dog. Merlin's person -- Simon Hannan, 34 -- was killed in a traffic crash last Monday.

The two-year-old dog was with Hannan in the wreckage of his 4WD when emergency services arrived at the two vehicle crash in the North Burnett region.

Hannan later died of his injuries in Eidsvold Hospital, some 400km north west of Brisbane.

Merlin, thought to be battered and bruised, fled from the crash because she "didn't want a bar of anybody", Hannan's stepfather David McDougall says.

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Now, amid massive community support, the family wants to catch Merlin and keep her safe. They have found the area where she is hiding and traps are being organised to catch the pet.

"She's a one person dog," McDougall says.

"We've been tracking her, it's just that we can't get her to come out."

Rotisserie chickens, other food and Hannan's clothes have been placed near the crash site on the Burnett Highway to try to draw her out.

Hannan had a nomadic lifestyle, travelling around Australia in his car with the dog.

Dog experts have told the family Merlin's behaviour is common for dogs that have experienced trauma

"What she's doing is quite common for a dog that's been through a fatal crash, she was in the car for quite some time before the emergency services got there," McDougall said.

An online post from McDougall about the crash and Merlin's escape has been shared more than 17,000 times.

The post was made before McDougall and Hannan's mother, Jann, travelled to Queensland from Perth in Western Australia.

To add insult to the heartbreak, McDougall says the family found that a roadside shrine set up for Hannan had been removed on Monday.