NSW To Roll Out Mobile Phone Cameras To Catch Law-Breaking Drivers

In a world-first, mobile phone detection cameras will be watching for drivers breaking the law in NSW.

The NSW Government has been trialling the technology for six months, and will now roll out the cameras across the state.

During the trial, cameras checked 8.5 million cars, with a staggering 100,000 drivers caught using their phones on NSW roads.

Photo: NSW Government

In October last year, the first tests of the AI cameras caught 11,000 people a day illegally using their phone while driving.

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Andrew Constance, NSW Minister for Roads, said the 'get your hand off it message' is not getting through to drivers.

“Unfortunately some people haven’t received the message and think they can continue to put the safety of themselves, their passengers and the community at risk without consequence,” Constance said.

“There is strong community support for more enforcement to stop illegal mobile phone use with 80 per cent of people we surveyed supporting use of the mobile phone detection cameras.”

Photo: NSW Government

The crackdown on drivers using their phones illegally comes after independent modelling found about 100 fatal and serious injury crashes a year could be prevented with cameras, said Paul Toole, NSW Minister for Regional Roads.

"The decision to pick up your phone can have fatal consequences," he said.

"It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving on a busy city motorway or on an isolated road in the bush -- there’s just no excuse for using your phone illegally."

Photo: NSW Government

The program is expected to roll out across the state later this year, and will check 135 million vehicles by 2023.

For the first three months, drivers will receive a warning letter, after that, it's a $344 fine and four demerit points.