LISTEN: Sandra Sully's Latest Podcast 'Short Black'

We're celebrating inspiring women by catching up on the stories of those who are trying to make a difference.

And who better for them to share it with than our own Sandra Sully.

In her new 10 Speaks podcast, 'Short Black', Sully talks candidly to a series of intriguing and inspiring women who have something interesting to say, about what really matters.

From the stories that make us laugh to those where we share in the heartbreak of others, Sully talks through the issues, struggles and triumphs that women from all walks of life face today.

You can catch 'Short Black' on Acast, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Ep 1: Kath Koschel's remarkable story is one of extraordinary resilience - and kindness.

Ep 2: Jacqui Louez Schoorl says thank you for the music by making sure the people behind the record get the credit they deserve.​