Family On Desperate Search For Son's 'Best Mate' After Fatal Crash

A Queensland family has issued a heartbreaking plea for help locating their son's missing dog, who has been missing since the car crash which claimed the young man's life.

Simon Hannan was driving on Wuruma Dam Rd in North Burnett -- about 400km north-west of Brisbane -- when his car was T-boned on Monday.

Despite being transported to hospital, Hannan tragically died from his injuries a short time later.

Now, the 24-year-old's grieving family are scouring surrounding bushland in search of the car's other passenger -- Hannan's 'best mate' and dog, Merlin.

"My stepson Simon was Tragically Killed yesterday... He had his best mate (Merlin) in the car with him," Hanna's apparent stepfather David McDougall said in a Facebook post.

"It has been hard to get details, but Merlin has run from the crash seen [sic] at some point and has not been seen since."

"What I'm asking is that everyone that I know , If that you can copy and paste this photo and send to anyone that you know in the Cetral QLD area or any Trucking Companys that you know of in the Monto area and that travel the Burnett Hwy."

Simon's beloved best friend, Merlin, is missing after the crash that claimed his owner's life. Photo: Facebook

Merlin went missing at around 11:30am on Monday from the intersection of Wuruma Dam Rd and Burnett Hwy.

Police confirmed responders saw Merlin at the scene of the crash, but that the animal was skittish when approached.

"Whenever it was approached it ran into the bush," Monto police sergeant Mick Bazzo told the South Burnett Times.

Bazzo said finding Merlin would bring some comfort to the family in an otherwise tragic time.

“People treat their dogs like kids,” he said.

“They’re not going to get their partner, brother or son back, but to get (Merlin) back would be some sort of comfort."

The other driver involved in the crash was not physically injured.