Incredible Story Of Survival: Bushwalker Crawls For Two Days Dragging Broken Leg

Pia Miranda may have been officially crowned Australian Survivor on Tuesday night, but experienced bush walker Neil Parker is giving her a run for the title.

The 54-year-old crawled with a fractured leg and wrist for two days after falling down a waterfall at Mt Nebo, north-west of Brisbane.

Parker was halfway through his planned three-hour walk when he began climbing a waterfall he'd climbed many times before -- and slipped.

"I caught myself the first time as it started to slide, but I gained too much momentum and I slid about 20 foot, cartwheeled, slammed into the rock and landed in the creek at the bottom," he told reporters from his hospital bed.

At this point Parker says he knew he was in a lot of trouble, admitting one of the things he did wrong was not tell anyone where he was.

Neil Parker explains to reporters how he crawled for two days with a fractured leg and wrist. PIC AAP

While checking his phone and realising the gully he was in had no reception, bad luck would strike Parker once again.

"I went to put my phone into my pocket, missed my pocket and straight into the drink," he said.

"Now I have no way of contacting the outside world. The only way I can get rescued is self rescue."

What the bush walker did next should have Survivor producers picking up their phones and asking him to start creating challenges for next year's Survivor All Stars.

Realising a junction track he'd stopped at earlier for a break was frequently used by exercising locals, Parker began a slow journey back there.

"I had a bandage around me elbow," Parker said.

He showed reporters how he'd dragged himself on his one good arm, while using walking polls to splint his broken leg.

Parker was whinched to safety and taken to the PA Hospital. PIC Qld Gov

The path which had taken him just 40 mins on Sunday took two days of scrambling, inch by inch, with his injuries.

Eventually Parker was located by a helicopter, getting its attention using a foil blanket. He is now being treated at Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital.

"I've never heard any such survival effort with two broken limbs.," Orthopaedic Surgeon Nicola Ward told reporters.

"Essentially, with an ankle fracture like he's got, the limb is a deadweight and useless, you can't walk on it, you can't put weight through it and you need to drag it and similarly with the wrist."

During his ordeal, Parker self-medicated with Panadol and Nurofen for the pain, but said it was ultimately the reality of his circumstances which got him through,

"If I didn't do something to get myself out the chances of me being here today were a lot less," he said.

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