Undie-Clad Man Fights Back After Botched Home Invasion

Dramatic CCTV vision shows the moment two alleged home invaders are chased away.

The home video shows a man in a high-vis jumper, armed with a sledgehammer, chasing two hooded men out of a home in Keilor Lodge in the north-west of Melbourne.

The pair can be seen tripping over their feet and diving into an awaiting car as they flee the armed resident.

Photo: Thomastown 3074 via Facebook

But, before they have a chance to close the doors and speed away, the tradie approaches the drivers-side window and appears to use the weapon to ram one of the suspects before dragging him out of the car by his hood and throwing him to the ground.

At that moment, a half-naked second resident, dressed only in his undies, joins the tussle, kicking in the passenger-side door before picking up the sledgehammer and slamming it through the closed window.

Photo: Thomastown 3074 via Facebook

"Bang! I booted him so hard in the head," one of the men can be heard explaining as he watches the CCTV of the struggle.

The video of the events on September 8 was posted to a local Facebook page on Tuesday and has since been shared 11,000 times, many users praised the residents for fighting back.

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"Great work and good to see citizens standing up for 'their rights' for a change," said one user.

Photo: Thomastown 3074 via Facebook

"This is how we all should defend our homes. Great work!" said a second.

"The home owners should be allowed to defend themselves and their family with whatever it takes - you should be safe in your own home," said a third.

Three teenagers were charged with more than 60 offences dating back to May.

The trio have all been remanded in custody and will appear at a children’s court at a later date.