George Pell Lodges Special Leave Application To Appeal Child Sex Abuse Convictions

Pedophile cardinal George Pell has lodged a special leave application with the High Court to try to challenge his convictions for sexually abusing boys.

The High Court on Tuesday confirmed it had received the application through its Melbourne registry, "requesting leave to appeal a decision".

The matter will be considered by a panel and either dismissed or the parties will be called to a brief hearing for further consideration.

The process can be lengthy, with the special leave application process taking anywhere up to six months.

If successful seeking leave, Pell's lawyers will then lodge a full appeal with the High Court.

Victoria's Court of Appeal last month upheld, by two votes to one, Pell's December conviction for the rape of a 13-year-old choirboy and sexual assault of another at St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne in 1996.

Pell, 78, and his legal team had until Wednesday to file an application to the High Court.

Pell's lawyers have been contacted for comment.