More Than 100 Firefighters Battling Huge Chemical Factory Fire

A large factory fire is smothering homes in smoke, as more than 20 fire crews fight to contain a blaze engulfing a chemical factory Sydney's south-west.

The building at Moorebank, located in Yulong Close, went up in flames just before 2pm on Tuesday.

Approximately 100 firefighters are currently on the scene as of 3.30pm, using two aerial trucks to fight the fire -- which has broken through the roof -- from above.

"The fire is ongoing and we are battling the blaze," a NSW Fire and Rescue spokesperson told 10 daily.

"People in the area need to stay indoors and keep their windows and doors closed. There is a lot of smoke in the area and I believe it is moving in a north-west direction towards Liverpool."

Image: Facebook/Ned Mannoun

Posts on social media have reported billowing black smoke being visible from up to 10 kilometres away.

The smoke can also be seen from the Liverpool and Glenfield train stations.

The factory appears to be the home of a company that sources and develops ingredients for a range of different products.

There have been no reports on injury, and the building has been evacuated along with all adjoining businesses.

More to come.