'Do Not Drive Your Car!' The Terrifying Note A Family Found

A Queensland family found a note warning them not to drive their car -- because a snake had slithered under the bonnet.

The Logan family had returned home to find the note attached to the car window.

"Do not drive your car!" the note read.

"There is a snake underneath or in your motor. Call a snake catcher for your own sake! Please this is no joke."

Speculation they were being pranked was dashed when they reviewed home security footage that showed a 1.6-metre carpet python crawl across the road and under the family's car.

The snake was found crawled up at the back of the car's engine. Photo: Snake Catchers Brisbane

Bryce Lockett from Snake Catchers Brisbane was called in to remove the snake, telling 10 daily it was found at the back of the car's engine.

"While the python isn't venomous, it risked harm to itself and the car's engine due to its location," he said.

"It looks like it's an escaped pet."

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September is mating season for snakes as they come out of a less active brumation period during winter, and the active warmer months begin.

The note was attached to the car's window while the family were out. Photo: Snake Catchers Brisbane

"We tend to get called out at this time of year for male snakes fighting in people's roofs and backyards," Lockett said.

"Males can get very engrossed in trying to impress females and don't realise where they are or what's around them.

"If you find a snake get in contact with us, give us a call or send a photo so we can help keep you out of danger."

Carpet pythons are found right across South-East Queensland, including densely populated areas.

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