Questions Raised Over Last Ever Photo Taken Of William Tyrrell

The coroner has ordered an independent review of the evidence surrounding the last photo taken of William Tyrrell before he disappeared.

The iconic image of the three-year-old in a Spider-Man costume was taken by his foster mother on the morning he went missing, and helped prove to police he was in Kendall at his foster grandmother’s house that day.

Deputy state coroner Harriet ­Grahame and Counsel Assisting Gerard Craddock have sought an independent review of the photo to clarify a discrepancy in the time stamp, which shows it was “created” at 7.39am but has a “corrected” time of 9.37am.

The last ever photo of William Tyrrell was a crucial piece of evidence, proving the boy had been at his foster grandmother's house before he disappeared. Photo: NSW Police.

NSW Police had previously forensically examined the digital data from the camera and concluded the image was taken at 9.37am on September 12, 2014, just minutes before the toddler vanished.

10 News First understands the foster mother told police she had never entered the correct time in the digital camera, which is why there is a two hour discrepancy not just on that photo, but all the photos taken on that camera prior to that day.

Following an application from the counsel representing William’s biological father, the coroner ordered the independent review of the evidence to verify the discrepancy.

“I think it's important that that's dealt with in detail,” Grahame told the court.

William Tyrrell, 3, disappeared from the NSW town of Kendall. (AAP Image/NSW Police)

A range of conspiracy theories surrounding the case have long circulated on social media, including the theory that William never made it to Kendall and the image of him was somehow doctored.

However, police have always maintained there was no evidence the foster parents were not being truthful and obtained other evidence supporting their version.

That included CCTV of William at a service station with his foster parents en route to Kendall, while neighbours also heard the children playing in the yard and saw their car in the driveway.

The coroner is now waiting on the findings of the independent review of the image.

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