Sam Dastyari Escapes With Caution For Cycling Outside ICAC

Sam Dastyari has escaped with a caution after illegally riding his bicycle on the footpath outside an Independent Commission Against Corruption hearing in Sydney.

The former Labor senator was snapped making the manoeuvre on Thursday, as ICAC examines whether Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo was the source of $100,000 donated by 12 people at a 2015 Chinese Friends of Labor dinner.

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NSW road rules state that adults cannot ride on a footpath unless they are under 16 or are a postal worker, otherwise carrying a maximum fine of $2,200.

Dastyari was issued with a caution and told by NSW Police not to do it again, he tweeted on Friday afternoon.

He also took a pot shot of media coverage of his bike ride, which speculated on whether the Senator would be forced to cough up a fine.

"I briefly rode on the footpath yesterday to avoid journalists being hit by motor vehicles," he said.

"Obviously a big mistake. Thank you to the journalists who have highlighted this as the biggest issue facing NSW."

Dastyari was drawn into the ICAC scandal this week by now-suspended Labor boss Kaila Murnain, who said Dastyari advised her in 2016 to tell the Party's lawyers about suspicions she had concerning donations.

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Dastyari has called for the state branch to seriously look at a "proper, full statewide ban on private donations" following his testimony before the anti-corruption inquiry.

"We've been through this rubbish enough and as someone who's seen the end of my own political career as a result of it, I think it's something that is well overdue," Dastyari told reporters.

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