Croc Leaps From Water, Rips Barramundi From Fishing Rod

Why go searching for food when you can let humans do the work for you?

At least that's what one clever croc did in a popular fishing spot in Kakadu in the Northern Territory.

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Lurking just below the surface of the water, the predator waited patiently until an unsuspecting fisher caught a barramundi and reeled in towards the shore.

The croc waited patiently beneath the water's surface. Photo: Instagram/@adventure.aus.

As soon as the fish hit the shore, the croc leapt from the water and swiftly scurried towards it. In their shock, the people quickly fled the fishing area in fear of their own safety.

The croc calmly claimed the fish, ripping it from the rod in one swoop. It swallowed the barra whole and after a few chews, lunch was done.

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The croc leapt from the water to claim the fish. Photo: Instagram/@adventure.aus.

Apparently satisfied with its efforts, the croc slowly turned itself towards the water and disappeared out of view, perhaps until the next time it could capitalise on a human doing the hunting for him.

Lunch is served. Photo: Instagram/@adventure.aus.

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