Pete Evans Speaks Out Against Newborn Vegan Diets

Celebrity chef Pete Evans has weighed in on a shocking case where vegan parents were convicted after depriving their baby of vital nutrients.

The couple, who cannot be named for legal reasons, avoided jail time after feeding their child a vegan diet of predominantly oats, potatoes, rice, rice milk, tofu, bread and peanut butter.

The girl, who is now three-years-old, was so malnourished she didn't have any teeth, had deficiencies in vitamin A, iron, zinc, calcium, B12 and vitamin D and suffers from a preventable bone disease.

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The parents outside court. Photo: 10 News First.

Evans, who has written on both paleo and keto diets, slammed the parents for their lack of understanding about plant-based diets. Evans said not everyone is able to feel healthy on vegetarian and vegan diets and that they are not suitable for newborn children.

"This is so so sad. I will repeat it again and again. Humans are omnivores (please look it up and understand that definition) and we are designed to eat meat in our diet," Evans said in a Facebook post.

"Children should not be on a vegan plant-only diet."

Pete Evans has warned against a vegan diet for children. Photo: Instagram/Pete Evans

Evans also warned against people eating fake meat and other processed products in the place of nutritious foods. He urged all people to listen to their bodies and endeavour to get all necessary nutrients from natural sources where possible.

"Please use common sense and start by understanding what being human means," Evans said.

"There is a mainstream push to turn people off all meat or worse encouraging people to eat fake meat products (please read the ingredients) and the repercussions are going to be horrendous."

Finally, he urged parents to carefully consider the foods they give their children, reiterating that a young child's diet should be balanced and full of essential nutrients.

Evans has written extensively on Paleo and Keto diets. Photo: Instagram/Pete Evans.

"... ..we always stated breast milk is the most nourishing food for a baby 1000 percent," he said in the Facebook post.

"If you choose to eat a plant-based diet as an adult then that is your choice and go for it, and many people I know love this and seem healthy, but others do not do well on this approach long term, and if ill health comes your way then simply look at what may be missing, but please please be wise with choices of what you feed your children."

Evans has attracted attention in the past for a number of controversial claims regarding food and diets.

He's copped backlash in the last few years by claiming the paleo diet can help autism and that bone broth could be used as baby formula.

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