Mates Use A Human-Lifting Drone To Go Fishing

A bit of imagination and hardwork took these guys to new heights.

Tim French and his mates went fishing on Upper Coliban Reservoir, near Kyneton in Victoria.

But they did things a little differently, using a drone to fly above the water for their catch.

Taking flight over Upper Coliban Reservoir. Photo: Rapid RC

The idea human-lifting drone came about after they had seen other models overseas.

"There's so much talk about flying crafts and transporters," French told 10 daily.

"We thought 'it can't be too hard'."

On that front, they were wrong.

Testing weight with a bike. Photo: Rapid RC

The mates worked on their human-lifting drone for about 20 weekends, for a few hours at a time.

"It was a lot harder than it looks," French said.

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The group had to consider design, batteries and motor types to get their drone off the ground, which came with a lot of testing.

Their first prototype -- Tracey -- took an unfortunate flight path into a tree and was destroyed in a crash landing.

Tracy takes a flight into a tree. Photo: RC Rapid

But then came Tracy V2 -- named after the 1974 Cyclone Tracy because of the wind and noise it created.

The group perfected this model and took Tracey V2 for her maiden flight.

Sam Foreman was the stuntman, and was flown out over the reservoir, with a bottle of VB for good measure.

"We picked there because there's no one around and we didn't want to disturb anyone," French said.

The flight was a quick one, the battery life on Travey V2 is only about eight minutes, but they did manage to catch a fish is that time.

And the catch. Photo: RC Rapid

As for future flights?

"It depends on what happens, if people want to see more," French said.

"We may possibly improve the concept, but we got it done."