Police Fine Man $311 For Incredibly Cluttered Car

The clutter was piled so high the driver couldn't see out the rear window.

Police were driving along Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road at Upper Mount Gravatt in Queensland when they intercepted a vehicle.

According to a Queensland Police social media post, the driver's car was "piled so high with clutter it was impossible to see out the side and rear windows".

The driver was issued with a $311 fine and "politely reminded when bin day is".

According to road rules you must have a clear view out of your car from all angles -- front, sides and back. Stickers on windows can also breach these road rules, depending on size and placement.

Fines can vary state to state but in NSW the fine for driving a vehicle without a clear view can be up to $344 and up to three demerit points. In QLD, while you can cop a similar fine you won't receive demerit points.

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Other things that fall into obstructing a driver's view include hanging things from your review mirror (such as fluffy dice) and even mounting a GPS in your window.