Attention Kmart Shoppers: Police Issue Warning Over SMS Scam

NSW Police have warned customers over a text message scam that is using Kmart to target shoppers. 

The post was initially shared to a Kmart fan page on Facebook, with one woman asking if it was a legitimate message.

"Lucky you, Roseyln. Congrats to our 3 Kmart customers who won: 1. Grace 2. Roselyn 3. Isla," the text message said.

The message then tells the recipient to click on the link to claim the prize.

Photo: NSW Police

The link brings up a web page, claiming the person has won "several exclusive offers" and is only redeemable on the day.

It also lists the person's name, email and phone number.

However, NSW Police have branded the message a scam and are warning people to "delete immediately" if they receive one.

"Watch out for this SMS scam pretending to be from Kmart. The text promises a prize if you click the link," NSW Police said.

"This is a classic SMS scam that tries to trick people into giving out their personal details. Some scam SMS will even contain electronic viruses that can compromise a phone’s security."

Unfortunately, scams like this are becoming all too common.

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NSW Police told 10 daily there have been several scams like this one detected in the past few weeks.

"We routinely post them on Facebook as soon as they become known to us," a spokesperson said.

An Australia Post scam that is doing the rounds. Photo: Jessica Dunne

Scammers are increasingly pretending to be the Australian Tax Office, banks, Australia Post and phone service providers to fleece unsuspecting people of their details.

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