'Very Lucky': Father Saves His Son From Kangaroo Mauling

Brenton Dyer told 'The Project' his son was "lucky" to survive a kangaroo attack on the NSW mid north coast.

Lewis Dyer, five, and his older brother Jedd, 10, were playing in the backyard of their Valla Beach house when he was attacked by a kangaroo.

As the two-metre tall kangaroo began to maul Lewis, Brenton intervened and fought off the marsupial.

Lewis told 'The Project' he was "very scared" during the terrifying attack.

"I went out to the shed and the kangaroos were away from us and then they jumped at us and he got me on to the ground, and he jumped on me and then he scratched me," he said.

Photo: The Project

Recounting the horrifying moment he realised his son was being attacked, Brenton said "a couple of minutes" difference could have led to tragedy.

"I feel as though he was extremely lucky. I mean,  a couple of minutes, the other way, I don't know where it would be, to be honest with you," he said.

Brenton said he didn't have any strategy as he tried to stop the attack, all he thought about was getting in between Lewis and the kangaroo.

"There was probably a fair bit of that [strategy] getting thrown around in the old brain box," he said.

"I wanted to get space between them and my son."

Photo: The Project

Lewis was left with scratches over his face and body, but had a story to tell his friends on his first day back school on Tuesday.

"I told them I got tackled by a kangaroo."