Woolworths Bringing 'Sustainable Ooshies' To Australia

The Lion King Ooshie was always going to be a hard act to follow -- especially with the increasing public angst on plastic waste -– but the next little collectible has been announced, and this one's sustainable.

Lion King-themed plastic pencil toppers put the nation into a collecting frenzy, but now the storm is passing to make room for the next collectible… Discovery Garden.

It’s based on the Little Garden promotion, which was run twice across the ditch in New Zealand by shopping giant New World.

Shoppers received one of 24 collectible seedlings in a biodegradable pot for every 40 dollars they spent.

The next collectible will teach shoppers about food production. Photo: Woolworths

10 daily had speculated this could be the next sensation to hit Australian supermarket shelves, and now Woolworths has verified it is the case.

“Woolworths is excited to confirm that we will be launching Woolworths Discovery Garden in September, a new collectible designed to give Australians of all ages the opportunity to grow their very own fresh food,” a Woolworths spokesperson told 10 daily.

The initiative has already proved successful in both New Zealand and South Africa. But there’s a bigger picture here.

The New Zealand version included a number of edible plants like herbs, fruit and vegetables to educate shoppers about where their food comes from.

Woolworths has confirmed the new promotion is based on New Zealand's 'Little Garden'. Photo: Woolworths

With 98.7 percent of NSW still in drought, and many Australian producers battling through harsh conditions, this is a timely lesson to learn.

The remaining seedlings were flowers, which aimed to create a healthier environment for butterflies and bees. Another vital point as bee populations are declining globally despite roughly 65 percent of Australian agricultural production depending on the insect for pollination.

The move from plastic to plants may also be a reaction to the ever-growing public awareness around plastic waste and Australia's recycling challenges.

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While the New Zealand Little Garden also included a rare collectible seedling (their version of Furry Simba) and special buys including a watering can, the finer details of the Australian version are yet to sprout.

“We are excited to give Australians the opportunity to engage in the program and look forward to sharing more details of what customers can expect closer to the launch date,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

The challenge is now on for Coles to announce its next collectible. Photo: Woolworths

When that happens, it'll be interesting to see what blooms from planting seeds of knowledge on food production, waste management and bee health.

Now it's over to Coles.

In the past, the two supermarket giants have run similar promotions parallel to each other.

With the Coles Little Shop 2 promotion due to end in September, shoppers can keenly await the alternative to Discovery Garden.