'Absolutely Incredible': Drought-Stricken Farmers Thank The Project After $300,000 Raised

Greg Jerry had just months left before drought would destroy his farm, but the generosity of Australians has changed that.

Speaking to The Sunday Project more than a year after his family first appeared on the show, the NSW farmer said there still looks to be no end in sight for the drought.

PHOTO: The Sunday Project

Harrowing images of the Jerry's property showed barren, dry land and cattle that could not stand on their own legs, requiring a hoist to lift them up every morning.

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"Every time I drive through this boundary gate here I think, what am I doing here today?" Greg said.

The property has been in the family for four generations, but for Greg and his mum, Coral, they said they were delaying the "inevitable", and knew they would have to sell the farm within months.

Photo: The Project

But in less than 24 hours, more than $300,000 was raised for the Jerry family after their story aired.

Coral and Greg joined The Project on Monday night to thank the Australian public for their help.

"I thought I might get a bale of hay and a bag of dog biscuits out of this," Greg said.

He admitted the family had thought about knocking The Project's return story back, thinking it would be "same story, different".

"But the response... has just been absolutely incredible," Greg said.

Coral and Greg Jerry. Photo: The Project

Coral said she didn't have any expectation from the story, and is "amazed" at the generosity that has been showed.

"Australians are just unreal," she said.

"I'm totally overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of people."

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With 98.7 percent of NSW affected by drought, Greg said the money will also be shared with his neighbours who are suffering as well.

"There's not even a sign that it is going to rain, this will enable us to carry on for a little bit longer and hopefully things will change by then," he said.

If you would like to help out the Jerrys, please head here to donate:

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