'Superhero' Firefighters Honoured For Bravery During Sydney Stabbing

Four firefighters who helped detain accused Sydney stabber Mert Ney have described the "leap of faith" they took to help, risking their own lives in the process.

The crew had been sitting in traffic after attending a regular call out on Tuesday afternoon, when they saw Ney standing in the Sydney CBD street covered in blood.

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From his position in the firetruck, Mitch Bennetts could see above the traffic, and saw crowd of people "running for their lives".

Gonzalo Herrara and Mitch Bennetts speak to media. Photo: AAP

The crew were unaware Ney had allegedly murdered Michaela Dunn in a Clarence Street apartment, or allegedly stabbed Linda Bo just minutes earlier.

Bennetts started blasting the air horn in the truck to clear pedestrians and hopefully deter Ney.

"I realised that wasn't stopping him... so I put the truck in park and jumped out," he told reporters.

Photo: AAP Photos.

At this point, firefighter Gonzalo Herrera also got out of the truck without knowing the danger he was facing.

"I said, 'We need to do something, we need to help'," he said.

"It was a bit of leap of faith to open the door, not knowing if there was someone else, not knowing if there causalities."

Herrera and Bennetts grabbed tools from their truck and chased Ney, helping detain him on the ground with other members of the public who had risked their own lives.

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While the pair played a vital role in restraining Ney, Bennetts was reluctant o accept praise, instead focusing on the civilians who had helped.

“If that person had not pushed him, [Ney] was heading for a cafe full of people ... that man was a hero," Bennetts said.

Photo: Twitter @johnnie_txt

But after Ney had been restrained, Herrera's attention turned to making sure members of the public didn't try and hurt the alleged offender.

"People were angry, I understand that, I knew the police were coming," he said.

"But that was a very intense time, to try and keep people at bay from him."

The other two crew members in the truck, Bennett Gardiner and Mike Stuart, called for police and helped with first aid.

Senior Firefighter Bennett Gardiner, Senior Firefighter Mitchell Bennetts, Leading Firefighter Gonzalo Herrara and Station Officer Mike Stuart. Photo: AAP

The crew from Drummoyne Fire Station were commended on Monday for their selfless actions by Emergency Services Minister David Elliot and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

"We often call our firefighters 'suburban heroes', but we have with us today four 'superheroes'," Elliott said.

(L-R) Emergency Services Minister David Elliott and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian meet firefighters Gonzalo Herrera, Mitch Bennetts, Bennett Gardiner and Mike Stuart. Photo: AAP

The quartet don't see themselves as heroes; to them, it was their job.

"We don't usually turn out to things like this and I hope we never have to again," Gardiner said.

"But our role is to protect the public and that is what we did."