Huge Surge In Donations For Drought-Stricken Farmer After Devastation Revealed

Australians have dug deep and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a drought-stricken farmer following an editorial on The Project.

More than $300,000 has been donated to Greg Jerry, a cattle farmer in central NSW currently battling daily with the ongoing drought.

"I just need a day off this farm," Greg told The Sunday Project's Hamish Macdonald.

Jerry and his 80-year-old mother, Coral, told Macdonald about the ongoing hardship they were experiencing due to drought, which is currently in its third year.

Dead and dying stock, cattle too weak to stand themselves, dust storms, dry creek beds, an unrelenting workload -- these are just some of the issues Greg and Coral are facing daily.

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The cattle are so weak, they need help getting on their feet. Photo: The Sunday Project.

"It's been the hardest year we've had, financially and everything else," Coral told Macdonald.

"It affects you mentally,  you can't sleep properly through the night."

A fundraiser that was set up more than a year ago when The Project first spoke to Greg and Coral saw a surge in donations overnight.

More than 4,000 people have now donated more than $300,000 to the family, with many leaving messages of support.

Coral Jerry says it's difficult to sleep through the night with the stress of the drought. Photo: GoFundMe.

"My heart goes out to the farmers and pray the rain will come soon," one message said.

"I work in the grain industry and have been out to some sites in NSW over the last few weeks. What I saw made me feel sick," said another.

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"I hope this goes some way to helping you and your neighbours. Stay strong Jerrys, you are tough as nails and I have enormous respect for you."

The money raised will help the Jerrys with the $15,000 per month they're paying just to keep the stock alive, as well as helping out their neighbours with some "much-needed fodder".

"Hardly a day goes by where there's not something that's wrong," Greg Jerry says. Photo: The Sunday Project.

"I don't think I can comprehend this generosity, all us and stock say thank you," Greg said via the fundraiser.

"Can't believe this, I'm pretty tough but you have busted me tonight. Thanks cobbers for all your help and support."

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