Footage Shows Council Rangers Walk Away After Reversing Into Parked Car

Footage has emerged on social media appearing to show two Sydney Council rangers reversing into a car before walking away from the scene.

The video uploaded to Dash Cam Owners Australia shows a white vehicle reversing into a car while parking on a Sydney street.

The driver then quickly moves their car forward, before two council rangers are seen stepping out and walking over to the second vehicle to briefly look at where it had been hit.

Neither ranger leaves any details and both are seen quickly walking away.

While it's unclear whether there was any damage to the second vehicle, the sound of the two cars colliding can be heard in dashcam video that was filmed from the parked car.

10 daily reached out to City of Sydney Council over the video who confirmed it was "aware of this regrettable incident."

A spokesperson for City of Sydney said they apologised to the vehicle owner, who they said had already reported the incident.

"We have spoken to the vehicle owner and will work to have this matter resolved as soon as possible," the spokesperson said.

"Staff receive regular health and safety training and are reminded to carry out their duties with care".

The spokesperson said a thorough investigation would be launched and staff involved in the incident would be spoken to.

"We understand the frustration that residents, visitors, and business people feel when events like this occur."