Search Continues For Car That Plunged From Bridge Into River

The search for a four-wheel drive that crashed through the barriers on the Old Pacific Highway Bridge and into the Hawkesbury River continues.

Police were called to the bridge in Brooklyn on the NSW Central Coast just after 9pm on Monday, when a witness reported seeing a truck careering through the railing at a 45-degree angle and entering the water.

“I heard a massive bang and I looked over towards the bridge, just underneath the bridge and I just saw a car come down and plunge into the water,” Jonathan Saben told news crews on scene.

Police commenced a search and rescue operation, with water police searching the surface for debris as the scuba divers looked below.

The car careered from the bridge and into the water. Photo: Twitter/Kimberley Pratt.

Divers were unable to locate the vehicle due to poor visibility and the depth of the river.

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They are expected to return again on Tuesday afternoon when the tides are calm.

A Toll Rescue Helicopter also searched from the skies, in case the tide had taken the vehicle or its occupants to the shoreline.

Debris from the impact still litters the bridge, including bits of plastic, glass and a front light which was found metres from where the vehicle is said to have gone over.

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Temporary barriers have been placed at the site until it can be permanently fixed.

Police are not treating the incident as suspicious.