Delivery Hack Or Bad Parenting? Photos Have People Divided

A driver has been snapped transporting their new TV home in a controversial way.

Photos snapped in Mitcham in Melbourne's east were posted to the Downshift Facebook group appear to show a BMW sedan with a large television protruding from the rear window.

"When you drive a BMW, but can’t afford the $50 delivery," the person who posted the images wrote on Facebook.

But then you take a closer look, it appears there's something peeking out from underneath the cardboard box.

A child in a car seat.

Photo: Downshift Facebook

While most people who commented on the images on Facebook appeared to agree with avoiding the cost and the wait for home delivery, others didn't agree with transporting the television at the possible detriment of a child's safety.

"No problem if the back seat was empty. Pretty f**ked up loading like that with a kid in the back seat," one user commented.

"This is not cool," another wrote.

Many users found the photos relatable, citing their own similar experiences as a child on family trips or saying they'd do the same with their children.

"I would totally do this to my kid," one user said.

"Why would you pay extra for delivery when you can just squash your kids face?? Hahahah," another wrote.

Victoria Police were unaware of the photos when contacted by 10 daily.

10 daily has contacted VicRoads Department of Transport for comment.

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