Angry Clashes At Australian Conservative Conference Attended By Nigel Farage

Protests have turned ugly at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Sydney, with arrests and flying drinks on the second day.

The CPAC conference, which is taking place at the Rydges World Square, was organised by Australian group LibertyWorks and the American Conservative Union.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Mark Latham and leader of the U.K. Brexit Party Nigel Farage are some of the 30 conservative politicians and commentators expected to speak at the three-day event.

Student protests outside the event became aggravated as hundreds of attendees, some wearing 'Make America Great Again' hats, began arriving for day two.

"Say it loud, say it proud, racists are not welcome here," the dozens of protesters chanted.

But as conference attendees tried to make their way through the crowd, one protester tipped her coffee cup over one of the men.

She was immediately arrested and dragged away from the scene as protesters started yelling, "let her go".

NSW Police confirmed to 10 daily a common assault charge is expected to be laid in relation to the incident.

A protester is arrested outside CPAC. Photo: AAP

Farage is no stranger to having beverages go flying when he is around.

In May, he was showered by a milkshake while campaigning in the North East city of Newcastle in England.

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Nigel Farage

Photo: Reuters.

The Brexit Party leader was introduced to the conference as "quite possibly" the next British Prime Minister to the adoring crowd.

Farage told the conference Prime Minister Scott Morrison's election victory in May seemed impossible, after the recent hijacking of the Liberal party by "the other side".

"Malcolm Turnbull ... pretended to be a conservative but actually turned out to be a snake," he said, to applause.

"You've now got someone conservative, mainstream media (and) those in the middle of Melbourne and Sydney may not like," he said of Mr Morrison.

"But out where real people live, they voted for him."

Nigel Farage speaks at CPAC. Photo: AAP

He said he had thought "the greenies had taken over this country", especially after heading to Melbourne and having 600 people rally against him.

Farage, who wants a no-deal Brexit, said he wanted the UK free of Europe so it could re-engage with its real friends in the world.

"Australia is right up there at the top of my personal list," he said.

He said he wanted a complete re-balancing of where Britain was in the world, an increased engagement with Commonwealth countries, and fewer people forced into universities.

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