Heartless Driver Mows Down Flock Of Corellas

A resident was confronted with a "distressing scene" after nine Australian native birds were mowed down in front of her NSW Northern Rivers region home.

The flock of Corellas is believed to have been hit and killed by a speeding motorist late last week, according to the Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).

Seven of the birds were killed instantly. Another died a short time after the resident, of East Wardell, was able to retrieve it.

A ninth bird was assessed by a WIRES volunteer and taken to a local vet, but it died from its injuries while being transported.

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"Limp, feathered bodies were strewn along the road," WIRES said in a post on Facebook.

Although they are known as Little Corellas, the highly-social and playful birds are quite large, meaning they take a bit longer to get airborne than other birds, WIRES explained.

"Slowing down when approaching the flock allowing them vital time to fly off may have prevented this tragedy and added only a few seconds to the journey."

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