'Cute, Live' Baby Rabbits Displayed For Sale At Butcher

A number of one-month-old rabbits have been advertised for sale in the window of a butcher in western Sydney, provoking outrage from local residents.

The shop's owner has blamed a relative from overseas for the sign, which has since been removed, claiming it was posted without their knowledge.

A photo of a plastic container in which the rabbits appeared to have been held, displayed in the front window of a seafood store, was posted to Facebook and attracted a barrage of upset comments from users.

A sign advertising the rabbits for sale was also visible.

"Cute, live rabbits. One month, newborn. $15.00 each," the sign read.

The sign in the shop window on Monday. Photo: Facebook.

Blacktown City Council investigators attended the  shop on Tuesday to investigate the matter.

"Our investigators attended the shop this morning and the sign and the rabbits have been removed," a council spokesperson told 10 daily on Tuesday.

"The [investigators] spoke to the owner of the shop who said a relative from overseas had placed the rabbits in he window there while they were not at the shop and they were not aware of the rules. Council had reported the incident to the NSW Food Authority."

The spokesperson also told 10 daily that the shop's owners assured council they will not advertise the rabbits for sale again.

A photo of the shop window with the rabbits and the sign. Photo: Facebook/ Peri Jane.

A spokesperson from the NSW Food Authority confirmed the matter is being investigated.

"I can confirm that a complaint has been received by the NSW Food Authority and is being investigated," a spokesperson from the NSW Food Authority said in a statement obtained by 10 daily.

The RSPCA has been contacted for comment.

The original Facebook post with the photo attracted over 100 comments and dozens of shares, as of Tuesday morning. Some who commented on the image were concerned about the safety and wellbeing of the rabbits.

"Someone please go buy all those rabbits and save them before someone uses them as bait, this breaks my heart," one person said.

"That's so wrong, those poor bunnies," another wrote.

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