Hero Tourist Helps Police Catch Fleeing Man

Gold Coast police have chased a man on trail bikes after being allegedly found carrying drugs.

A 40-year-old Labrador man was stopped by police at Surfers Paradise on Saturday night, allegedly finding a quantity of methamphetamine in a bag.

The man then ran from police who gave chase on trail bikes, captured on one of the officer's body cameras.

The incredible footage shows the man attempting to outsmart police by running up a flight of stairs, however, the trail bike closely follows into a hotel car park.

Police chased the offender on trail bikes, even riding up a flight of stairs (PIC Queensland Police Service)

A second man, a tourist visiting the Gold Coast can then be seen joining the chase, cornering him and forcing him to run back toward the police bike where he is apprehended.

Police can later be seen shaking the tourist's hand.

"I'm so glad you helped me," a police officer tells the tourist.

"I saw him running and I thought I better join in!" the tourist tells the police.

Police thank a tourist who helped chase an offender (PIC Queensland Police Service)

The Labrador man is due to face court Monday on charges possession of a dangerous drug and obstruct police.