Beach Goers Visited By 3.5 Metre Croc At Popular Beach

A 3.5 metre saltwater crocodile was an unwelcome guest on a tourist-filled beach in Far North Queensland.

The croc was spotted at swimming out at sea at Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas on Tuesday.

Police were called to the beach at about 4pm by Surf Life Saving Queensland, who had sent a drone for a closer look at the scaly invader.

The saltie having a swim. Photo: SLSQ

The crocodile was located swimming about 20 metes from the shoreline and estimated to be about 3.5 metres in length.

Understandably, the beach was closed quickly by life savers and other beach goers along the coast were alerted, Queensland Police said.

"Hundreds of people lined the beach (from a safe distance) and enjoyed watching this ancient reptile swim past," police said in a statement.

Photo: QLD Police

Far North Queensland is a popular destination for tourists at this time of year, with warm temperatures and beaches the perfect escape from colder southern states.

Drone are like "having eyes in the sky" and pare an "invaluable" resource to keep people safe on the beaches, a SLSQ spokesperson said.

“We urge everyone to swim between the flags as this is the area in which our surf life savers are continually observing and monitoring," they said.

Surf Life Saving's drone. Photo: QLD Police

Crocodiles swimming through these waters is not uncommon in winter and spring. They use the ocean as an inter-connecting highway to travel between river systems.

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Surf Life Saving North Queensland 's website allow tourists see if beaches have been closed because of crocodiles and other unfriendly ocean-dwellers.

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