Woolworths Customers Slam 'Selfish' Shopper For Taking Entire Trolley Of Lion King Collectables

Shoppers across Australia are desperate to get their hands on the new range of Lion King 'Ooshies' collectables from Woolworths.

So much so that one shopper was spotted filling up their entire trolley with crates of the new toys in Adelaide.

An angry Woolies customer took to Facebook this week to vent her frustration at the ‘selfish’ shopper.

“One person just up and bought all of the Lion King Ooshies collector boxes and not one staff member thought to stop them,” she wrote on Facebook alongside a photo.

A trolley of Ooshies collectables. Photo: Facebook

“Should this really be allowed?

“Most families buy these for their children, and here we have someone buying them to scalp online.”

“We were lucky to get ours before this selfish person nabbed them all. Literally all of them.”

And it seems others shared her frustration.

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“No wonder we can’t get one for our girls... if I saw this I would be furious,” one person commented.

“They are already on eBay,” said another.

The picture comes after news of Ooshies being sold for thousands on eBay.

The collection features 24 Ooshies, with characters from The Lion King including Simba, Nala and Mufasa.

An 'Ooshies' toy for sale. Image: eBay

And it seems the ‘Lion King Orange Simba’ is the rarest of them all, with a Queensland eBay user listing one for $45,000.

Other listings include a Blue Mufasa for nearly $2000 and a Gold Nala for $4000.

In a statement, a Woolworths spokesperson said: "We know from experience that special collectable cases can be incredibly popular, and sometimes limits are required to make sure everyone can enjoy participating.

"For that reason, there is a limit of 3 Woolworths Lion King Ooshies Collector Cases per transaction. We have reiterated this limit to our store team members.

"We would like to reassure customers that there is plenty of stock still available and we hope this will ensure everyone can take part and house their beloved Lion King Ooshie characters in the cases."

The collection features 24 Ooshies, with characters from The Lion King including Simba, Nala and Mufasa. Image: Woolworths