Are You Cool With Police Officers Having A Little Dance On The Job?

WARNING: This article features the classic kid's tune 'Baby Shark' and it will get stuck in your head.

Victoria Police have shared one of the lighter moments for two of its officers, who were filmed dancing at one of the state's Westfields on Thursday.

In full uniform, the pair perform moves perfectly in-sync to the viral sensation that is 'Baby Shark' -- a wildly popular children's song which took over the internet earlier this year.

The video was shared to Victoria Police's official Facebook page.

"ATTENTION!" the caption reads.

"Actual footage of Victoria Police officers at a Westfield Shopping Centre on (shark) patrol..."

Image: Vic Police

With over 250,000 views, the little snippet proved immensely popular with the public.

"This is awesome! Well done guys for getting into the community spirit and having some fun!" one comment said.

"This is great Victoria Police, awesome job. great role models for children" said another.

Several comments remarked on how great it was to see officers in a very human light and acting as positive figures in the community.

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Image: Vic Police

But there are two sides to every coin, and a few people weren't so on board with the antics.

Comments including "Taxpayers money being spent so well these days" and "go and do some work", were posted by viewers unimpressed about how the state's officers were spending their time.

"So this is what Police meant when I was told they were 'too busy attending to other matters' when I called to report criminal damages to my property!" another comment read.

The social media pages of Australia's police forces have proven a valuable source of community engagement for several years.

Agencies share case updates, information regarding missing persons, and public service announcements across social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To keep followers engaged, lighter content is also shared, including photos of animals in the force -- plenty of horses from mounted units, Troop Cat Ed who is loyally serving with the NSW Police -- and vision from more peculiar cases.

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Over Christmas last year, the Australian Federal Police sent a message to the country by recreating a classic scene from the 2003 rom-com 'Love Actually'.

The NSW Police social media team seemingly paved the way for a more casual communication style between authorities and audiences, amassing more than one million Facebook followers by tapping into online meme culture.

The service's self-titled Meme Team often remind the state's residents to keep left while driving, slow down on the roads or watch out for online scammers through by adapting popular jokes to the message.