The Best Photos Of The Lunar Eclipse From Across The Globe

It was the last lunar eclipse of any kind until 2021 and boy, was it a show.

The earth passed perfectly between the moon and the sun on Wednesday morning --the very day Apollo 11 left earth 50 years ago to land on our only natural satellite.

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Coincidence? We think not and neither did one astronomer.

"I like to think of it as the moon’s tribute to the great human endeavour to reach it and go beyond," ANU astronomer Dr Brad Tucker said.

While the eclipse was visible around the world, Australians had front-row seats to the lunar action. And the images are spectacular.

Photo: Twitter/
Photo: Twitter/
Photo: Twitter/Brian MacNamara.
Photo: Twitter/ Shelley.
Photo: Twitter/ Shelley.

The moon also put on a show for people in other cities around the world and plenty of space lovers waited out to see what she had to offer.

London, England
A partial lunar eclipse appears over the London skyline. Photo: Getty Images.
Berlin, Germany
The moon can be seen during a partial lunar eclipse behind the quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate. Photo: Getty Images.
The moon can be seen during a partial lunar eclipse. Photo: Getty Images.
Rome, Italy
Lunar Eclipse Rome
People watch at a rising full moon during a partial lunar eclipse, in Rome. Photo: AAP Photos.
Lunar Eclipse Rome
A rising full moon is seen over the Colosseum during in Rome. Photo: AAP Photos.
Vienna, Austria
Vienna Eclipse
A man stands in front of his telescope for the partial lunar eclipse over Vienna Photo: Getty Images.
Partial lunar eclipse in the sky over Vienna. Photo: Getty Images.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
lunar eclipse in Buenos Aires
The moon is seen behind the Buenos Aires Fishermen's Club. Photo: Getty Images.
People watch the moon during a partial eclipse on the shore of the Rio de la Plata river in Buenos Aires. Photo: Getty Images.
Van, Turkey
A mosque minaret during the Partial Lunar Eclipse. Photo: Getty Images.

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