Circus-Goers Horrified After Trapeze Artist Falls 11 Metres

A trapeze artist has been seriously injured after falling during a performance in Glenelg.

The performance was taking place at the Circus Rio in the South Australian town on Tuesday afternoon.

The woman, 28, fell 11 metres in front of a horrified audience in the middle of her routine.

Photo: 10 News First

An audience member told 10 News First many believed it was part of the act.

"She did not scream, nothing happened, she just stopped and went 'bang' on the wood," the woman said.

"My friends and I all thought it was part of the act, perhaps that was a dummy that had fell or something else.

"But then when we actually realised it was actually a proper person and not part of the act, we were all in complete shock."

Photo: 10 News First

The audience was evacuated from the circus tent as emergency services rushed to the scene.

The trapeze artist suffered multiple injuries and is in a serious condition in hospital.