Hunt For Pair Who Filmed Highway Crash

Police are hunting a P-plate driver who filmed a woman crashing into a concrete barrier during an alleged road rage incident in Victoria.

On Monday morning, two people in a P-plated ute filmed themselves as they drove past a silver car on the Peninsula Link Freeway at Moorooduc.

The pair can be heard screaming “I will fight you, I will fight you” to the 23-year-old woman in the other car.

The red ute drives beside the silver car. Photo: Snapchat/ Supplied

The woman turns to look at the people screaming at her, before she loses control of her car and crashes into the concrete barrier at a high speed.

The men, travelling in a red ute are then heard screaming "What the f**k, what the f**k" as they drive away from the crash.

The silver car crashes into the barrier. Photo: Snapchat/ Supplied

The woman, who lives in Melbourne's Frankston East, was not injured in the crash.

The footage of the altercation and crash were uploaded to the social media platform Snapchat.

Victoria police confirmed to 10 daily investigations are ongoing into the incident, and wish to speak to the driver and passenger of the red ute.