Fishermen Rescued Off Perth Coast After Ship Catches Fire

The 24-man crew of a Japanese fishing vessel abandoned ship after a fire broke out on board, and had to be rescued.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority received an alert from the Japan Coast Guard around 7.45am on Tuesday, reporting a Japanese fishing vessel was in distress.

The 24 crew members of the Myojin Maru No. 8 were in the process of abandoning their vessel after a fire broke out on board.

The crew is a life raft. Photo: ASMA

AMSA's Challenger jet was deployed to assist with the search and rescue operation, 1000 kilometres west of Perth.

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Another Japanese fishing vessel, FV Seifuku Maru 88 was in the area and successfully rescued all 24 crew members, the Japan Coast Guard reported at about 10.30am.

It is believed the vessels are part of the same fleet, an AMSA spokesperson told 10 daily.

All crew members are safe and uninjured.

AMSA and the Japan Coast Guard will continue to investigate the cause of the fire and assess any pollution and environmental impacts of the incident.