Adani Climate Protesters Arrested Again After Another CBD Shutdown

Peak hour traffic was again disrupted by climate activist group Extinction Rebellion on Monday, with seven protesters taken into custody by police.

In a repeat of action carried out last Thursday, climate activists from international group "Extinction Rebellion" this morning stood across two Brisbane CBD intersections during the morning peak.

After not intervening last week, Queensland Police on Monday told the group to clear the intersections, arresting those refusing to follow the direction.

Inspector Steve Collins said seven arrests were made after protests quickly caused traffic congestion on Brisbane's busy Riverside Expressway around 8am, blocking intersections on George St and Turbot St.

An Extinction Rebellion protester removed by police after blocking early morning peak hour traffic in Brisbane. Photo: AAP

"There's a fine balance between recognising the rights of people to protest and the rights of people to go about their day to day... today that balance had been tipped a little," he said.

Those arrested were aged from 18 to 56, and were charged with various offences including impeding the flow of traffic and disobeying a move on direction by police.

After frustrated commuters yelled at climate activists to "Get a job" on Thursday, today protesters came prepared with signs. (10 News First)

However, the group have told 10 News First the arrests will work in their favour, and spur other people to join the cause.

"The actions of these people inspires more people, so we'll see further people standing up who want to take this type of action against the climate crisis." activist Clancey Maher told 10 News First.

"As police ramp up pressure, we're only going to see more and more protests like this."

The group had earlier vowed to repeat the action each day this week, but their Facebook page is now advising the protest will only occur again on Wednesday morning.

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