Young Couple Try To Rescue Dog, Fall 80 Metres Down Cliff

A teenage girl has been injured after she fell down a cliff face trying to save a dog. 

Paramedics were called to a lookout in Bald Knob, in Queensland's Sunshine Coast region, around 5pm Sunday, following reports a 19-year-old girl and a 22-year-old man had slipped off the landing and down the rocky edge.

"We later found out they had gone to rescue a dog which had gone over the edge," Queensland Ambulance Service Sunshine Coast Acting Senior Operations Supervisor Mark Fisher told media on Monday.

It's believed the woman went over the edge first in pursuit of the canine and slipped. The man followed her in an attempt to save her from injury, but he too slipped.

"They went down quite a long way. It was estimated between 50 to 80 metres to where they were located," Fisher said.

Bald Knob
The pair fell from a lookout in Bald Knob in the Sunshine Coast region. Photo: Google Maps.

A full-scale rescue operation ensued, with a full team of paramedics on scene. A technical rescue crew from Queensland Fire and Emergency was also involved, using ropes to scale the rock face and locate the pair.

The woman sustained neck and shoulder injuries during her fall and was placed in a stretcher before being moved up the slope during the three-hour rescue operation.  She was taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital in a stable condition

The 22-year-old man was stuck and unable to move. He was rescued in a mount as he was uninjured.

The dog was unharmed.

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