'Disaster': Desperate Family Faces Eviction After MyGov System Crash

A Queensland family could soon be evicted from their rental home after the MyGov outage delayed the processing of their much-needed tax return.

Lachlan MacFarlane's family is living week-to-week.

He and his partner are both casual workers, juggling their lives while raising their two-year-old son Xavier.

At the moment, life is tough. They've fallen behind in their rent and are struggling to pay the bills.

The Brisbane residents were relying on the government's income tax cuts and this year's tax return to help them out of a difficult spot. They've been told they have until the end of the week to catch up on their rental payments -- or face eviction.

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"We need to remedy it by the end of the week. Currently we've got about two hours left to do that," MacFarlane told 10 News First on Friday.

"We called the tax office on Monday; they said it should be processed by today and it hasn't been," he said.

Now, that won't happen until next week after the federal MyGov website crashed, preventing millions of people from accessing government services affairs such as Centrelink and tax returns.

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The website was launched in May 2013 but is now needed more than ever. Many Australians are only now activating their MyGov account due to taxation changes.

The rollout of Single Touch Payroll means many employees will no longer receive a payment summary, previously known as a group certificate.

The website was down for hours, with problems being reported as early as 10am on Friday.

Just a week earlier, the Morrison government was spruiking its income tax cut win for working Australians. Following the crash, ministers were not providing answers.

The result for many users when logging on. Photo: MyGov

10 News First contacted Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert for comment.

In a short statement, a spokesperson said "some services, including myGov, are currently unavailable or experiencing slowness".

"The Department is working on the issue and apologises for the inconvenience," the statement said.

The ATO blamed the crash on a technical issue, saying it wasn't caused by increased demand.

"It will not have any impact on people who have already lodged their returns," the tax office said in another statement.

Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the system crash was "an utter shambles", and a quick failure from the government.

"Before they patted themselves on the back for these tax cuts they should have actually checked that they could deliver them," he said.

"They like to pretend that they're good at managing the economy, they like to pretend that these tax cuts will be out and flowing in the economy, just one problem with that... they've completely and utterly stuffed up the implementation."

After spending hours trying to get online to sort out some of his financial problems, MacFarlane said he finally received a call from the ATO late on Friday afternoon confirming his return won't be processed until at least next week.

"It's obviously a time when we thought we'd receive some relief but it's been a disaster," he said.

In a matter of days, he and his loved ones could be in desperate search of a new home they had no plans to leave.

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