Naked Man With Mullet Filmed Sliding Through Train Carriage

A Melbourne train passenger has caused quite the stir by sliding down the middle of a carriage in the nude.

The incident was filmed and posted on 'Lilydale line' -- a Facebook group dedicated to the train line of the same name -- on Tuesday.

In the video, a man can be seen running naked up the centre of the carriage before turning around and sliding across the floor on his stomach.

There appears to be some sort of liquid covering the floor of the train, which was running on the Frankston line.

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Several more videos of the man's antics have been shared in the comment section of the post -- which at the time of publishing -- has has been shared over 2000 times and amassed some 11,000 comments.

"This is the most Australian video I've seen all year," one viewer said.

"I'm more shocked the Frankston line is actually running," said another.

Public Transport Victoria authorities were not so impressed by the show.

“Passenger safety is Metro’s number one priority and this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable on public transport,” a statement from a Metro spokesperson said.

“If passengers witness anything of this nature on board a train, we urge them to press the emergency call button to alert Metro staff or to call police. We encourage our passengers to be mindful of those around them, which means behaving in a respectful and community-minded way.”

Victoria Police told 10 daily they have not received a report about the incident and are not investigating.

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The laws and subsequent punishments for public nudity vary from state to state, and Victoria Police are often given the responsibility of deciding whether a situation amounts to indecent or disorderly conduct, or involves an obscene or lewd act.

Acts such as mooning or streaking are punishable by fines or even jail time for repeat offenders.