Anti-Adani Protesters Stop CBD Traffic And Hand Out Vegan Biscuits

A group of around 40 climate activists moved through the Brisbane CBD on Thursday blocking six intersections during the busy peak commute. 

The activists from the Extinction Rebellion group, who have previously glued themselves to Brisbane roads and used a canoe to block the Victoria Bridge, began entering intersections at 8am, forming a line to block vehicles getting through.

Six intersections were targeted throughout the morning as the protest group worked their way down George St, blocking intersections for around 10 minutes, seeing traffic backed up across the Brisbane CBD.

IMAGE: 10 News First

Holding up signs, including one reading "Sorry we'll be about 10 minutes," the protesters chatted among themselves, some filming themselves for social media, while frustrated commuters honked their horns and yelled at the group to move on.

Image: AAP

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In an apparent attempt to extend an olive branch, the group offered angry commuters vegan biscuits, very few appeared to be taken.

"We take no pleasure in inconveniencing people in this small way... we're sorry to these people here we're disrupting," protester Tom Howell told 10 News First.

"Today's about disrupting business as usual for society, because we've literally seen criminal inaction from the governments and industry on the climate crisis"


However, those affected weren't all accepting of the apology, with some commuters calling out to nearby police to arrest the activists.

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Despite a strong police presence, Queensland Police chose not to intervene in the action "Queensland Police support the right of people to conduct this kind of protest," said Inspector Steve Collins.

"During protests, assessments are made in real time about the best course of action."

Aidan Smith, who was caught up in the protests on his way to work told 10 News First, "You can tell by all the beeping that these people are getting very annoyed by this whole act... it's not gaining support."

Inspector Collins confirmed police are aware of similar action to today's being planned by the group to take place each weekday next week

"We're taking action to get our strategies in place to appropriately deal with that... we will do our utmost to ensure the least possible impact is made on the travelling public."

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