Telstra Outage Hits CBA, ANZ, Westpac, Caltex, Woolies Customers

A Telstra network outage has thrown the nation into chaos, with Commonwealth, ANZ and Westpac banks, plus Woolworths and Australia Post experiencing issues across the country.

After Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Westpac reported disruptions to facilities including ATMs and EFTPOS on Thursday afternoon after a network issue, Telstra came forward to say it was working to iron out the issues with its services.

By 6pm, Telstra said it had the problem in hand and that services were starting to return. By 6.45pm,

"Most customer services have now been restored, and we’re working with our customers on the remaining few. We are continuing to monitor all services as this happens. We’re sorry for the impact and inconvenience caused,"  a Telstra spokesperson said.

People in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more had reported issues with withdrawing cash or using electronic payment services.

The disruption is also affecting large businesses which rely on the services, including Woolworths, Caltex and Australia Post.

Caltex said its EFTPOS payments were being affected; Woolworths said electronic payments were being disrupted; while Australia Post said EFTPOS payments over $100 and other banking services were on the fritz, while withdrawals under $100 and all deposits were still working.

One man posted a photo from a Sydney Woolworths, where a cardboard sign had been erected with CASH ONLY scrawled on it in pen.

Westpac said some Sydney machines and branches were "non-operational", but customers on Facebook claimed they were experiencing issues in Melbourne and Brisbane also.

ANZ said customers were experiencing EFTPOS issues.

Commonwealth's CommBank and NetBank mobile apps are said to be still in operation, but CBA ATMs, EFTPOS terminals, "some in branch services" and the CommSec website are affected.

The result when a customer logs onto Commonwealth's NetBank service, as of 4.30pm Thursday.

At 4pm, Commonwealth bank updated customers about an "issue with one of our telecommunication providers" which is "affecting some of our services."

"The cause of the problem is under urgent investigation and we are working to have full services restored as a matter of priority," CommBank said.

Some customers vented their frustrations online.

"Need my terminal back ASAP," one person tweeted at the bank.

"ATMs @ Haymarket and Hay Street branches are not working," said another customer in Sydney.

"Very rare occurrence for CBA so I’m not going to jump up and down throwing a tantrum like a child on social media because I can’t have my way all the time... These things happen," said one man on Facebook, coming to the bank's defence.

More to come.