Children 'Very Upset' After Witnessing Bloody Mass Bird Deaths

WARNING: Graphic Images

Young school children attending vacation care at an Adelaide primary school were in tears after witnessing dozens of sick birds drop from trees.

Animal rescue volunteers rushed to the scene and transported the native corellas to nearby vets. So far only one of them has survived.

They believe the birds were poisoned, and say the animals had blood gushing out of their mouths when they arrived.

In total, they estimate nearly 60 have corellas died.

Three of the six species of these the white cockatoos known as corellas are primarily –- or only –- found in Australia.

One Tree Hill Primary School posted a statement on its Facebook page, describing the incident as distressing for its young students.

"Update: sad news this morning with no survivors from all that have been collected. many are on the ground this morning as well," it said.

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"The children in vacation care were very upset at the scene of birds falling from the sky and in pain with blood coming out of their mouths.

"The children were so caring and wanted to make sure the birds were getting some help."

Volunteers returned to the school today where they found several more dead corellas. Local vets are yet to determine how they died.

The school also said after the rescue they will ensure children don't see anymore birds their grounds.

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A council spokesperson from the City of Playford said the council was looking into the matter, including whether the bird were poisoned.

An RSPCA said it is aware of the incident and is investigating.

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