Gender Reveal Burnout Sees Car Set Alight

Queensland Police have just released incredible footage from a gender reveal that went horribly wrong.

Samual Montesalvo, 30,  a Gold Coast man caused serious fire damage to a car while doing a burnout gender reveal in April last year.

The footage, which appears to be shot from a drone, features a black Holden doing a burnout on a deserted back road while thick blue smoke pours off the back tyres.

A small crowd stands around the car to celebrate the news.

However, almost a minute into the video the two back tyres suddenly burst into flames with bystanders rushing to tell the driver.

Queensland Gender reveal burnout. Photo: Queensland Police

The man driving was charged. Queensland Police have said the incident went to court and has been resolved. Montesalvo was fined $1000 and disqualified for driving for six months.

Queensland law states that dangerous driving offences can lead to court penalties and having the vehicle impounded

Gender reveals have grown in popularity, and scale, in recent years.

Last year a gender reveal party sparked a wildfire in Arizona. Off-duty Border Patrol agent Dennis Dickey was fined $305,000for causing the fire in Arizona without a permit.

The fire started when Dickey shot a target that contained the explosive substance Tannerite that detonates when shot by a high-powered firearm.

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The explosive target contained coloured powder to reveal the gender of the baby -- pink for a girl and blue for a boy. The explosive, however, spread to areas nearby and became a whopping 190.2 square kilometre wildfire that took 800 firefighters about a week to contain.

Only recently actress Shay Mitchell's own gender reveals saw two power rangers almost drown.

Shay Mitchell's Gender Reveal Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong, Almost Kills Two Power Rangers
Shay Mitchell's gender reveal stunt. Photo: YouTube

Mitchell and boyfriend Matte Babel decided to do a very unique gender reveal- a pink and blue power ranger 'fighting' but they unintentionally waterboarded themselves when they fell into a lap pool.

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