Chinese Student Banned From Owning Pets For Life After Neglecting Puppies

A Chinese student in Adelaide who abandoned two dogs in a motel room has been forced to pay over $7000 in vet costs, and isn't allowed to own animals again.

The pug and poodle were locked in the woman's Glenelg North motel room for several days without access to food or water in November 2017.

The pug was so badly dehydrated that it was suffering seizures, and underwent emergency surgery to save its life.

The rescued pug underwent emergency surgery.

"These puppies were so lucky – another day locked inside that room and they both could have died,” RSPCA South Australia Chief Inspector Andrea Lewis said on Thursday.

RSPCA inspectors spent months trying to track down the puppies' owner, and on June 30 the Chinese student was detained by Border Force at Adelaide Airport as she attempted to leave the country.

She appeared in court on July 1, where her lawyer argued she was suffering from various health issues at the time she abandoned the animals, including problems with her memory.

Magistrate Kossiavelos ordered the defendant to pay vet bills totalling $7209, and banned her from owning any animals indefinitely.

The pair were left locked in a motel room for several days without food or water.

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“We understand that circumstances can change or that people might at some point in their lives experience hardship that leaves them unable to care for their pet,” said the RSPCA's Andrea Lewis.

“But abandoning an animal is never the answer. We urge those who may need help to contact reputable animal welfare charities for assistance, to ensure their pets do not suffer.”

Both puppies have since made a full recovery, and have been adopted into loving forever homes.

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