Actor ‘Whispered’ During Alleged 1976 Rape

A NSW jury has heard actor John Jarratt says he had extramarital sex with a housemate in a Sydney sharehouse in 1976, but denies it was rape.

A young John Jarratt forced himself on a sleeping housemate, held her down and whispered in her ear as he raped her in their Sydney share house, a jury has been told.

The actor’s NSW District Court trial began on Monday after he pleaded not guilty to one count of raping a woman in a Randwick home in 1976.

John Jarratt (centre) arrives at the Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney, Monday, July 1, 2019. Photo: AAP

Crown prosecutor John Bowers, in his opening address, said the jury was expected to be shown a taped statement from Jarratt that states the extramarital sex was consensual and occurred on the night he was confirmed as the lead actor for the film Summer City.

Rosa Miano is also expected to testify during her husband’s trial that he told her about the extramarital sex eight years later in 1984, Mr Bowers said.

But Mr Bowers said he expected the complainant to testify that she at no time consented to sex and that Jarratt covered her mouth during the incident.

“She’ll say the accused ... was whispering in her ear ‘you’re just like a blonde Rosa’,” he told the jury.

Jarratt was charged after the complainant - who cannot be named for legal reasons - reported the matter to police in late 2017.

The trial continues.