Where's William Tyrrell? EP 1: The Little Boy In The Spiderman Suit

Episode one of the ground-breaking podcast investigation into the disappearance of William Tyrrell.

The Photo

This iconic image, used in the cover art for this podcast, is recognised all over Australia and the world as being associated with this tragic case. It’s one of three images his foster mum took of him minutes before he vanished. It was circulated far and wide from the day he went missing in the effort to find him, as it depicted exactly what he was wearing at the time of his disappearance. In it, William is sitting on the decking of the patio, in the midst of a roar. His sister is visible in the background, her head down, concentrating on the picture she’s drawing. While his Nanna’s feet, wearing blue slippers, are visible just to his left.

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William Tyrrell, minutes before he disappeared (AAP IMAGE/NSW POLICE)
Holiday Video

In one of several emotional home videos released by William’s foster parents, William is sitting in a café in Bali with chocolate smeared on his face. It was on that holiday that his foster parents bought him the two-piece Spiderman suit he was wearing when he disappeared

Where's William Tyrrell: Bali Home Video
Home Videos

In this home video, William can be seen riding his new BMX bike alongside his foster father. He’d been given the bike for his third birthday and he was riding that same bike in Kendall on the morning he disappeared.

Where's William Tyrrell: BMX Home Video

Another home video released by his foster parents, taken by his foster father earlier that year.

Where's William Tyrrell: Foster Father Home Video
Where William disappeared

William’s foster grandmother’s house on Benaroon Drive, in Kendall, the day after he went missing. It was set up as a command post for the ground search.

An aerial shot of Benaroon Drive shows the quiet, rural street and the dense bushland just metres from where William disappeared.

Where's William Tyrrell: Aerial Shot Of Benaroon Drive
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