State Government To Pay For Accommodation For Stranded Residents

The NSW government is set to announce an assistance package for residents of Sydney's Mascot Towers to fund temporary accommodation.

The 10-year-old building in Sydney's south was evacuated at short notice on June 14 after engineers became concerned about continued cracking in the primary support structure and facade masonry.

Owners of the building's apartments on Thursday voted to fund a $1 million special levy to fund initial works on the building, while a Go Fund Me page has been established for donations towards repair work.

More than $3500 had been donated by 9.30pm on Saturday.

The Mascot Towers building is seen in Mascot, Sydney. Photo: AAP Image/Bianca De Marchi.

On Sunday, the state government will pledge to reimburse residents' temporary accommodation costs, capped at a daily rate and for up to three months.

The package will be available to both tenants and owner-occupiers, with one-bedroom apartment occupiers receiving $220 per night, two-bedroom apartments $300 per night and three-bedroom apartments $400 per night.

Engineers will provide a fresh update on the building's condition next Thursday.

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A security guard is seen standing at the entrance of the Mascot Towers building in Mascot, Sydney. Photo: AAP Image/Bianca De Marchi.

Residents on Friday were told those with homes in the previously non-accessible "red zone" would be able to return and gather belongings on Sunday.

Nevertheless, an update from engineers revealed beams in the building's basement continue to show signs of increased cracking.

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A previous engineers' summary released on Thursday said there were signs the complex was "stabilising" but there was no immediate prospect of residents returning within the next month.